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VDO TPMS Sensor Valve Stem Service Repair Kit K009

VDO TPMS Sensor Valve Stem Service Repair Kit K009


  • £5.99

TPMS sensors are designed to last for many years, but in this time the valve stem and its components can sometimes become worn or damaged causing air to leak. Rather than replace the entire sensor it is often easier and cheaper to replace or service only the valve stem with the help of these service repair kits. If the valve stem itself is badly damaged or corroded, it’s advisable to replace the actual stem also.


Nut Torque: 6.0Nm

Screw Torque: N/A


This kit includes:

  • 1 x nut
  • 1 x rubber grommet
  • 1 x metal washer
  • 1 x valve cap
  • 1 x valve core


This service kit is suitable for use with VDO TG1C type sensors


Compatible with the following vehicles:


Alfa Romeo 169 2015-EOP

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016-EOP

Citroen C-Zero 2010-EOP

Citroen C4 Aircross 2014-EOP

Fiat 500 X 2014-EOP

Honda Accord 2013-EOP

Honda Accord Tourer 2008-2015

Honda Jazz 2008-2015

Hyundai Centennial 2013-EOP

Hyundai Creta 2016-EOP

Hyundai Equus 2014-EOP

Hyundai Genesis 2014-EOP

Hyundai Grand Sante Fe 2013-EOP

Hyundai I30 Coupe 2013-EOP

Hyundai I30 Kombi 2007-2012

Hyundai I30 Kombi 2012-EOP

Hyundai Ioniq 2016-EOP

Hyundai Santa Fe 2012-EOP

Hyundai i10 2007-2013

Hyundai i20 (PB/PBT) 2008-2014

Hyundai i30 2007-2011

Hyundai i30 2011-EOP

Hyundai ix20 2010-2013

Hyundai ix20 2013-EOP

Jaguar F-Pace 2016-EOP

Jaguar F-Type 2015-EOP

Jaguar RD-7 2016-EOP

Jaguar XE 2015-EOP

Jaguar XF 2015-EOP

Jaguar XJ 2015-EOP

Jeep D-CUV 2013-EOP

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2016-EOP

Jeep Renegade 2014-EOP

Kia Carens 2012-EOP

Kia Cee'd 2006-2012

Kia Cee'd 2012-EOP

Kia Cee'd SW 2012-EOP

Kia Cee'd Sporty Wagen 2007-2012

Kia Niro 2016-EOP

Kia Optima 2011-2013

Kia Optima 2013-2015

Kia Optima 2015-EOP

Kia Picanto 2014-EOP

Kia Pro Cee'd 2008-2012

Kia Pro Cee'd 2013-EOP

Kia Sorento 2009-2012

Kia Sorento 2012-EOP

Kia Soul 2009-2013

Kia Sportage 2016-EOP

Kia Venga 2014-EOP

Land Rover Discovery 2015-EOP

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2014-2015

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015-EOP

Land Rover FreeLander 2015-EOP

Land Rover Range Rover 2015-EOP

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2015-EOP

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2015-EOP

Land Rover Range Rover Vogue 2015-EOP

Mitsubishi ASX 2014-EOP

Mitsubishi L200 2014-EOP

Mitsubishi Lancer 2014-EOP

Mitsubishi Lancer Sport Back 2009-EOP

Mitsubishi Outlander 2014-EOP

Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2014-EOP

Nissan Almera 2013-EOP

Nissan C-Hatch 2014-EOP

Nissan Murano 2015-EOP

Nissan NP300 2014-EOP

Nissan NV-200 2014-EOP

Nissan Note 2013-2017

Nissan Pulsar 2014-EOP

Nissan Qashqai 2013-2019

Nissan Tiida 2014-2018

Nissan Versa 2014-EOP

Nissan X-Trail 2013-2019

Opel Movano 2010-2014

Opel Movano Combi 2010-EOP

Peugeot 4008 2014-EOP

Peugeot iOn 2010-EOP

Vauxhall Movano 2010-2014

Vauxhall Movano Combi 2010-EOP