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ATEQ TPMS Sensor Tester Tool Pressure Testing Chamber For Tyre Pressure Sensors


  • £150.00

Introducing the ONE and only way to mount worry free TPMS sensor’s on vehicles

A faulty TPMS sensor can be dangerous even though it has been created to reduce risks.

The ATEQ TPMS Test Box is designed to allow tyre repair / service bays to test sensors for defects BEFORE mounting to the wheel.

Saving EVERYONE time and money!


But what can go wrong in a TPMS sensor?

    • The pressure sensor port might be plugged by tyre repair sealants.
    • The wrong pressure range might have been applied to the sensor, thus providing a difference between your gauge and TPMS reading.
    • The pressure sensor chamber might be leaking and has a manufacturers defect.
    • Allows TPMS sensors to be quickly and effectively pressurised and tested before fitting to the wheel and tyre assembly.


ONLY ONE way to make sure! Introducing the TPMS sensor check box!