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ATEQ VT56 TPMS Sensor Activation Diagnostic Scanner Tool with OBDII Connector


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ATEQ VT56 with OBDII Connector


The ATEQ VT56 OBDII is a fully update-able, universal TPMS activation and scan tool, designed to interrogate and store sensor data and allow this data to be transferred to the vehicle via the OBDII socket. The VT56 has been designed for ease of use, featuring a 4.3 inch full-colour icon-driven display and 8 soft-keys to easily navigate through the menus.

Included within the software is a comprehensive database of vehicles, part numbers, relearn procedures, OBDII locations, a key fob RF tester, help screens and a complete history log of all vehicles serviced, which can be easily recalled at any point from the History menu.


  • Select make, model, year via VIN scan
  • Comprehensive make, model, year specific relearn procedures
  • Programs all leading aftermarket programmable sensors
  • Display OBD2 location on tool screen
  • TPMS reset via OBD2 on more than 60% of car models
  • Retrieve TPMS DTC codes on applicable vehicles
  • RKE testing function
  • ECU unlocking for Toyota family of vehicles
  • TPMS sensor part number look-up (OE and aftermarket)
  • Saves TPMS service history on-board and on PC
  • Built-in TPMS service help and training
  • Multi-lingual, 18+ languages
  • Worldwide TPMS technical support


Easy icon navigation

The VT56 icons visually guide the user through all the functions of this powerful TPMS tool. The icons make using the tool easy to complete the required procedure.

TPMS help and training

Integrated help at your fingertips including tech tips and training on-board.

Part number look-up

OE and aftermarket sensor part number availability.

Aftermarket sensor programming

Program aftermarket sensors, a set of five wheels at a time, ideal for winter wheels.

Select by sensor manufacturer or by car model and year.

Vehicle VIN scan (North America only)

Use the tool to scan the vehicle identification or select manually.

Relearn procedures

Display OBD2 location and built-in relearn procedures for all vehicles.

TPMS sensor intelligence

View sensor information for all four tires including sensor ID, PSI, Mhz, temperature, battery life.

TPMS service history

Save, download and print vehicle audit reports. Filter information by car model, date and reset information.


This VT56 Kit comes complete with:

  • ATEQ VT56 Diagnostic Tool
  • ATEQ VT56 OBDII Interface Module
  • ATEQ VT56 Charger
  • ATEQ VT56 Ethernet Cable
  • ATEQ VT56 Hardened Carry Case